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Дата: Wed May 20 1998 - 16:08:33 EDT


on April 29, 1998, Dima Zinoviev <> wrote:

>Internet server SEIS is pleased to introduce the first on-line map of
>Russian, CIS, and Baltic railways.
>Any additional information would be appreciated and will be
>included in further editions of the map.
>The URL of the map is:

First, I wonder if the following is really true:
Transsib to Zilovo - AC, Zilovo to Ksenievskaya - DC, from Ksenievskaya AC
again ?!

Second, in different maps (incl. World maps on CD-ROMs) I found some more
lines in Siberia -
the part of Russia I'm most interested in.
Here, I list only the longer lines - I'm sure there's also a lot of short
ones which are hard to display in the map's scale.

1) Bodaybo-Marakan & a branch to some place north of Kropotkin
(N of Irkutsk oblast; overall lenght up to 180 km; most likely narrow gauge
as AFAIK there's a narrow gauge loco standing in Bodaybo)

2) Novoil'insk (at Transsib) - Zun-Khuray - Egita & branch to Kizhinga
(Buryatiya; length about 200 km)

3) Priargunsk - Uryupino (along left bank of Argun river = Chinese border to
the mouth of Budyumkan river; Chita oblast; over 300 km)

Does anybody have some information about these lines, their history, and
current status:
ever existed? narrow gauge? abandoned? etc.


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