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От: Ulf Kutzner (
Дата: Sun May 17 1998 - 06:28:09 EDT

On Sat, 16 May 1998, Dima Zinoviev wrote:

> New Russian, CIS, and Baltic railroad timetables are awailable at my
> server ( The are incomplete
> (looks like they do not have all freight-passenger, post-luggage, and
> local trains). A copy of the old timetables will be available for awhile
> heRe:
> Some interesting observations:
> - there are no more passenger services to Novy Urengoi, Sovetskaya Gavan',
> Kulyab, Druzhba (Kaz.-Chin. border),

But still, there should be a train Almaty - Urumchi/Wulumqui (if there are
no warlike conditions in the Chines Uighur province).

> Baku, Brussels. At least, these
> services are not listed in the database;
> - service from Moscow to Saloniki (Greece) has been restored;
> - trains from "mainland" Russia to Dagestan use the newly-built railway
> Kizlyar-Kizilyurt which bypasses Chechnya. OTOH, trains from Russia to
> Transcaucasia follow the old route;
> - there are new services to Tskhinvali (South Ossetia), Szczecin and some
> other Polish cities;

Even now, there should be services to Szczecin.

I found a new very interesting service Kosice - Cadca (*NOT* Czech
Republic, but Slovakia!) - Zebrzydowice - Katowice - Warsaw - Brest -

I cannot find it in the HAFAS timetable, nor the train departing from

There is a new service Berlin - L'viv.

By the way, could departures/arrivals outside Russia be shown in *local*
time? It would make things easier (but of course, the program should know
the difference in order to calculate the total length of the trip.

Regards, ULF
Ulf Kutzner
Backhaushohl 46
D-55128 Mainz

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